Delicious Treats.  Nothing Fancy.


Sure, there's a place in the world for silver dragées carefully tweezed onto a cupcake; cakes mirror-glazed in unnaturally neon colors; and maybe even matcha-flavored EVERYTHING.

But that place isn't Wonder City Bakery.  I'm into flaky pastries, tender cake, and gooey cinnamon rolls—with a few savory bites in the mix.

While I'm no longer slingin' treats for my friends at Guncotton Coffee, I'm taking special orders and showin' up at local happenings!

Keep up with me and my whereabouts via Instagram @wondercitybakery!



About WCB

What's in a name?

In the early 1900s, Hopewell was dubbed “The Wonder City” for quickly becoming a booming industrial center and bouncing back after a devastating downtown fire. While the city has had many ups and downs since then, hope and a sense of community still run strong.


Hi, I'm Trish.  The person who bakes stuff.

I grew up in a family of fierce home cooks and eaters, so food has always played a big role in my life. It wasn't until my undergrad years at UVa, however, that I started experimenting more in the kitchen. I even started a food blog ("before it was cool"), but it fizzled out pretty quickly.  Cringe.  Many failures, successes, and calories later, here I am.  Wiser.  More experienced.  Maybe a little pudgier.

Currently, I work full-time at an office in Richmond, where I met my now-husband, Scott. Right before we got hitched, we moved to the small city of Hopewell, where Scott grew up. I’m pumped and honored to contribute to the Wonder City by doing what I love: offering yummy, soul-satisfying homemade treats.

If you see me around, give a shout!





804.484.2392 (this is my cell--text or email preferred!)


I currently bake out of my Hopewell residence under Virginia's cottage food laws.  I'll update this section if that changes!

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